Drama Festival  2001




Jonathan Rand

2001 Festival Finalist!!!


*, **,***Grant Boyd

Bridget Demba ***
**Rob Klocek
Jamie Malley*
*,**,***Caitlin McGarty
David Railsback
*,**,***Michelle Railsback

 Play Synopsis
In a series of fast-paced job interviews,
the employers and applicants at candy manufacturer,
Banff Enterprises stoop to tactics both ruthless and unusual.

Technical Staff

Director - Michael McGarty

Assistant Directors- Elizabeth White, Colin Kaferle, Kelly Moore

*,**Set Design - Larry Ciampi, John McClure, Ian Sears,

Jen Herbolsheimer, Carolyn Long, Kat Mitchell

Lighting Design - Jeff Harasimowicz, Erik Mitchell

*Sound Design - Brennan Kelley, Andy Hayes

**Costume Design - Jen Preissel, Rebecca Williams

Awards Designations

* = Preliminary Round Award
** = Semi- Final Round Award
*** = Finals Award


Drama Festival Preliminary Round
at Westford High School
Saturday, March 3 2001

Drama Festival Semi-Final Round
at The Bromfield School
Saturday, March 17 2001

Finalist Round
John Hancock Hall, Boston
Thursday - Saturday March 29 - 31 2001

Hard Candy Pictures!

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