Of Hippos, Dragons, and Snortsnoots

Fall 2005


Blaire Andres, Alisia Bonnell, Ellie Cherington,

Katie Croyle, Jack Fellows, Mary Ferrillo, Rosie Gatto,

Kylie Gordon, Mike Griffeth,Aidan Kinney, Liz Lee,

Valerie Leikina, Kelsey Marksteiner, Matt Marteney,

Lily Narbonne, Sam Potter, Tracy Snyder,

Nate Speare, Dan Turner, and Lyszi Wirch


Technical Staff
Mr. Michael McGarty
Assistant Director
Sam Potter
Set Design
Dan Cheveralls, Reed Harasimowicz, Nick D'Eramo, Kevin LaPierre
Lighting Design
Nick D'Eramo









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