Fall 2005



A New Comedy

Ray Cooney


Friday, Saturday
December 2, 3, 9 & 10 2005

8 p.m. Cronin Auditorium

The Bromfield School


Dec 2/10
Dec 3/9
Richard Willey
Nate Speare
Steve Hayward

The Hotel Manager

Katie Croyle Laura Kvenvold
Harold Cromwell, the waiter
Jack Fellows Will Deeks
The Maid
Kelsey Marksteiner Liz Frothingham
Jane Worthington
Jessamine Kelley Alisia Bonnell
Jack Baker, the body
Tyler Alderson Dan Turner
George Pigden
Bill Perry Matt Marteney
Ronnie Worthington
Mike Griffith Aidan Kinney
Pamela Willey
Lily Narbonne Vallri Leikina
Gladys Foster, the nurse
Mary Ferrillo Mary Ferrillo


Technical Staff

Director - Michael McGarty

Assistant Directors- Molly Jacobson, Sam Potter, Georgia Gunner, Molly Seavy

Set Design - Reid Harasimowicz, Kevin LaPierre, Dan Cheveralls

Lighting Design - Sean Doocey, Nick D'Eramo

Sound Design - Lindsey Tonge, Alyssa Charron

Costumes - Jessie Miller, Emily McCourt

Production Photos
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